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Heidi Toala


"I am very new to Holistic in Mystic but I was so warmly welcomed, seen, and heard, that I feel like I have been a guest for much longer! I sought out a Reiki session with Yvonne and she so kindly took me in with short notice and it was life changing. Her energy, wisdom and guidance were precisely what I needed. The reiki session really opened my heart and I feel that prepared me to have an even more beneficial experience in the salt room afterwards. The timing was perfect for me to receive more messages I needed to hear, and I could really feel Yvonne’s sincere care for me and my journey. I’m so glad I have made this connection and look forward to more experiences with Holistic in Mystic. Oh, and if you need one more reason to check out the shop and services, lovely little Zoe is a charming greeter, and seriously… where else can you get an amazing reiki session with an adorable chihuahua snuggled in and lending her healing energy?? That’s right. Pretty much nowhere else. Go! Go! Go!"

Allison Marelli says, "I had such a great experience getting salty yesterday. I went to pick up my beautiful necklace from Yvonne and I was feeling a little tired with a headache and runny nose.. and after 15 minutes of relaxing with the salty air I felt so much better! My headache was gone as was my runny nose! I can’t wait to do it again Thank you Yvonne ❤️"

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