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Welcome to Reiki I Intro and Refresh with Yvonne Masters, a 23-year Reiki Master/teacher. Here you will learn the main components of Reiki I from my personal experience. These videos are created directly from my Reiki I extensive 5-month course. Should you choose to expand your knowledge, and learn about what else this ancient modality embraces, please message me after you have taken this course. Take notes, rewatch, and soak up this information that will help you on your Reiki journey!


Reiki is an ancient modality that you all have within you. Congratulations for answering the call of your ancestors. It is with you for the rest of your life.

At the end you will be given a quiz to make sure you paid attention! This stuff is important! 

Reiki I Intro and Refresh

Reiki I Intro and Refresh

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"Reiki I Intro and Refresh" is personally designed by Yvonne herself. It can be hard to pick through what is made to sell and what is real. There is no doubt that in this series you are getting the experience and understanding of the real person Yvonne. Yvonne will give you a tour of the energy systems of the body, the chakras, and what aspects of life are connected to each of the seven main chakras. This information comes from Yvonne's personal study, experience, and understanding as a healer. The series wraps up with a discussion on the practice of Reiki healing and a history of the modality. To complete this course you will need to take extensive notes to pass the final quiz and receive the Reiki I attunement. Thank you Yvonne for making this information accessible to us busy folks. The course was enlightening and informative. Namaste!" -Kyle Masse 

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