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Who is Holistic in Mystic 

Holistic in Mystic is a place to destress, a safe space to be vulnerable, get Salty in the newly designed Halotherapy Himalayan Salt room, have a life changing Reiki session with 23 year Reiki Master/teacher and owner, Yvonne, find beautiful crystals that "call" to you, handmade one of a kind consciously created jewelry, art, and so much more!


It is where Creativity is made from my HeART for YOUnique Souls like you. I am here to guide you on your spiritual journey to feel like your divine self again. You will leave feeling uplifted, high vibing, happier and you may learn something too!  Hugs are welcome as it's all love here and raising those frequencies. Every day I sage to bring in the new day that I am so blessed to have to hopefully meet new and see loyal faces! Or you just come to see Zoebear, and that is acceptable too. 

Who is Yvonne Masters? 

Hey beautiful people! Thank you for being here! 23 years ago started my conscious journey of self healing and self love, which then evolved to becoming a Usui Reiki Master with a wonderful guide, mentor and teacher out in Nevada and Boulder City.  I also learned from a beautiful human and author, Diane Stein, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, who calls Reiki, "An Ancient Healing Art."  I had a one-on-one apprenticeship which lasted 6 years. I understand the momentum of the Universe has sped up, but definitely SELF HEALING was and IS number one. I never even thought about teaching Reiki until my Angels, guides and ancestors were like, "You are ready." Before I had an actual storefront, I was a Hospice Reiki Volunteer. This was extremely life changing and put my "problems" into perspective. I had A LOT of growing and evolving to do, and I am still doing that of course as that's part of our soul growth. I had to do major shadow work and become extremely self-aware before I was ready to teach. I had been asked for several years before I was REALLY ready.


I am very grateful for the journey thus far and I hope to be your spiritual advisor on this divinely guided path that led you here in the first place!  Thank you for checking out my website and all the cool organic, holistic high vibe stuff! You are ALWAYS a guest, whether you are IN my store or online.  


It is hard to believe that the best is still yet to come! I am very blessed and grateful for the life i have been given to be able to take what was once a "hobby," painting and creating, and start a business out of it. I have been able to incorporate these healing modalities and I take nothing for granted.  Doing custom jewelry and paintings is my absolute favorite thing to do. I am inspired by nature, books I have read, places I have been and beautiful things and people.  Life inspires me every day. 

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