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“Taking this Reiki 1 class has been a life-changing experience. I’ve learned a valuable amount about myself and who I want to be. Many of the things I learned helped me to let go of old habits and ways of living and step into new, healthier identities. I absolutely loved having all of the guest teachers and experiences, as they brought a lot of value as well. I will say that I struggled with the constant memorization of information, but deeply believe it was worth it to not only assist my self-healing, but the healing of all others I come across in the future. Yvonne was a steady, energetic, loving support throughout the entire process, during class and beyond. Her Reiki sessions really helped me heal and become more of who I am meant to be. I’m very grateful to have such a strong foundation on my Reiki journey and truly think it was worth all of the time, energy, and investment.”-CP



      Get ready for the Transformation of your life. Thank you for allowing me to lead you on your  journey. The next step is to set up a FREE meeting with your spiritual advisor, me, to see if I am able to provide you with what you are looking for! If you answered YES to ALL the questions, then this is why you are here! Moving forward, it is essential that we have a good vibe with one another, right? So, it is imperative that you reach out and I will work with you to set up a one on one at Holistic in Mystic to make sure we are on the same page regarding your personal path and that I am the person you wish to lead you. You are my apprentice, and I your teacher, if you choose.  I cannot express how excited I am to move forward with you if I am who you are guided to learn from.


There is no pressure to continue on as a Usui Reiki Master. That is 100% up to you.  I have a 5 and a 3 month course that will literally transform you should you ALLOW IT. ALL Apprentices will receive a gift.


  You will also receive an outline as to what to expect each month! (Trust me, it's pretty awesome) There is NOTHING BASIC about these courses. I was meditating, getting messages from my guides, angels, ancestors on HOW to put this together in depth for YOU. I spent 4.5 months creating a beautiful course to help you be the best healer you can be and to help you personally on your journey. PLUS there's a special something at the end of each month should you choose the 5-month Extensive Reiki I with the EXTRASSS... 

to name a few: 



Special guests to enhance your experience! 

A special Bodhi Spa day (Hydrotherapy)!


I am SUPER excited you have NO idea. Also, any events that I have here at Holistic in Mystic, you will be able to attend at NO EXTRA CHARGE (5 month and 3 month)!  What are you waiting for? Get to know me first! 

Options to take JUST the Self Healing course is available also.  

     The next 5 months or 3 (whichever you choose), are going to be filled with pure high level vibing frequency good stuff that by the end of the course, people who THINK they KNOW you, will have to get to know the NEW version of YOU! I GUARANTEE IT! You will be glowing so freakin' bright from within that anyone NOT on YOUR frequency, won't even be able to, nor know HOW to approach you! I've been through this, so I know first hand. I love you and you will love you too.


Understanding the Attunement (Initiation) of Reiki
*They are life changing 

*The word "attunement," also means, "initiation," and that word in Sanskrit means, "empowerment." 

*Reiki Attunements open and expand the Ki-holding capacity of the Hara Line (a laser like invisible line that aligns vertically within the physical body) and clears the channels of energy blockages. 

*The attunement is also kind of a karmic payback: negative Karma is lifted from the receiver, as if in reward for becoming a healer! 

*Attunements heal our broken DNA, reconnecting to the "light" of the information that has been "lost" to Earth's humans. 

*When I pass the attunement for Reiki I, it is aura-opening energy (the aura goes 8" beyond the physical body) that occurs, as no other auric expansion has begun yet. 

*The apprentice receiving the 1st Degree doesn't open fully at the moment of the attunement. As the energy within the body expands, and adjusts to increased Ki (life force energy), you become able to handle more energy, and so opens further.
*FULL opening of the Reiki I energy takes 3-4 weeks. (a cycle of 3-4 days for each chakra). 

*The attunements are for life

*If there are any blockages in the chakras, hara line, or ability to channel Ki, they are healed by the attunement energy. Their release CAN cause the reactions: diarrhea, runny nose, desire to fast, or a headache. If the blockages move from the emotional or mental levels, the detoxification is also on these levels. Hence why it is IMPORTANT to do the SELF-HEALING!

Only YOU know where you're at on that journey. It is essential that you are honest with yourself and me should you come to me for training. I do include Reiki healing sessions during this course to help you on your journey. 

*You will have embraced the power of Ki already within you to allow for self-healing. You will learn the symbols in Reiki II if you choose to continue. 

*Fun fact: A Reiki Master today has a lineage going back through Hawayo Takata, Jesus, and the Sakyamuni Buddha and before them to Shiva and the stars and of course Mikao Usui. 

Choose either the 5 month or the 3 month. 

Call or message me with any questions. 

The deposit lets me know you are serious and this is as important to you as it is to your inner calling. 


Reserve your spot NOW and get ready to TRANSFORM! 


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