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Welcome to Reiki I extensive
Your path has lead you here and i am so happy

This Reiki I course is an enlightening journey into self-healing, growing, transforming and learning how to help others heal at the highest vibration this Universe has to offer.

Please answer the questions below honestly with a simple YES or NO to yourself. 


Are you ready to transform your life?


Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?


Are you ready to be who you were meant to be on this Earth in this amazing lifetime?


Are you willing to have an attitude of gratitude?


Are you willing to FORGIVE yourself and others for EVERYTHING?


Are you willing to ALLOW your own healing to commence?


Are you willing to ALLOW yourself to FEEL, HEAL AND RELEASE?


Are you willing to surrender to what will be for your highest good without expectations of HOW you think things should happen?


Will you ALLOW yourself to cry, laugh, and be your authentic self on this journey?


Are you willing to face the shadow side (the side we like to hide from the world and ourselves) of yourself and to be honest with YOURSELF and others?

If you answered YES to ALL these questions, then please continue on! 

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