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Heal the
Root (Safety and Stability)
Sacral (Joy Sensuality and Emotion)
Solar Plexus (Will/Power)
Heart (Relationship/Love)
Throat (Expression/Communication)
Third Eye (Clarity/Wisdom)
Crown Chakras (Higher Conscious

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"I finally went to Holistic in Mystic after admiring from afar. I was greeted by the lovely Zoe and immediately felt positive energy and love from Yvonne. She is so fabulous to be around, extremely knowledgeable, and super talented! I was lucky enough to take home a one of a kind jewelry piece she created. I am in love with it! I can’t wait to attend her events in the future. Also!!! She made the most beautiful gift basket for my dear friend who just had a baby that will help her relax and get some rest! You definitely need to check out Holistic in Mystic for goodies and more!" -Sam P

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