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Open Your Heart





The health of the Heart Chakra is connected to our physical supply of energy and vitality as well as the love that nourishes our spiritual experience.

Do you feel you don't deserve love or you're not loving yourself enough in the way that you know you should?

Do other people devalue your sense of self? Well, that's not good or acceptable and I have incorporated my own experiences in life in this video to help you relate.

Do you give your love to people who don't reciprocate or they make you feel like you owe them something? We've all experienced this at some points in our lives and maybe you are dealing with this now. Even having positive self-talk can be a struggle for some of us. This video will help you have a different perspective on your own value and self-worth and know YOU are a divine being of light who deserves all the love you give back to others.

One of the hardest lessons is having compassion for those who are not capable of loving us in the way we need or want.

When we can remove the attachment of needing another to validate us, that's when we are free to love and be loved! Ok, so if this resonates with you, then I am here for you.

This video was super emotional for me as you will see as well as healing. Enjoy a meditation and some sound/crystal/reiki healing in the beginning to get your mind right. Thank you for being here.

Your Spiritual Mentor

Yvonne Masters

Yvonne Masters

Yvonne Is a 23 year Usui Reiki Master/Teacher helping people on their spiritual journey to change their lives for the better. She provides a safe space for her guests to get "unstuck" and feel like themselves again by digging deep into what may be blocking them energetically. This is purely free will and she is the channel for the source energy to flow while they heal themselves, which is what Reiki healing is about. She has been told she changes people's lives and she is forever humbled and grateful for everyone she has been able to help get on that journey. They just weren't sure where to start until they were led to her. It starts from within and the willingness to be a better version of themselves for themselves and others.

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