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Clear your Throat





This video will help you feel more confident about speaking up about what you feel strongly about. It will also give you insight to what IS blocking you and why. Do you feel you aren't heard, or you are invalidated in any way? There are ways to get you through this and figure out what is blocking that confidence within yourself to allow yourself to speak up or out! At the end of the day, we are the ones stopping ourselves. NO one should be manipulated or controlled to the point that they feel they don't have a voice. We ALL have a voice and deserve to be heard and respected.

*setting healthy boundaries

*expressing emotions effectively

*listening to your higher self

*holding others accountable and not being afraid to do so

*speaking from truth only and with integrity

*being honest with yourself about your emotions and having the confidence to express yourself without fear of being judged and so much more

Your Spiritual Mentor

Yvonne Masters

Yvonne Masters

Yvonne Is a 23 year Usui Reiki Master/Teacher helping people on their spiritual journey to change their lives for the better. She provides a safe space for her guests to get "unstuck" and feel like themselves again by digging deep into what may be blocking them energetically. This is purely free will and she is the channel for the source energy to flow while they heal themselves, which is what Reiki healing is about. She has been told she changes people's lives and she is forever humbled and grateful for everyone she has been able to help get on that journey. They just weren't sure where to start until they were led to her. It starts from within and the willingness to be a better version of themselves for themselves and others.

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