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Go check out the "Transformative Reiki" link on the home page to get ALLLLL the details! There is a $425 deposit fee to reserve your spot. Details about this are under the Transformative Reiki link. PLEASE READ! :) Are you ready to transform your life? Are you ready to be the best version of yourself? Are you ready to be who you were always meant to be here on this Earth? Are you willing to allow YOUR healing to heal others? (it's essential) These are just a few of the questions you need to answer YES to in order to have the best experience in this 6 month course. The 1st month is SELF Healing. Reiki is an ANCIENT modality that needs to be cherished and honored! Reiki chose YOU! It is IN you. Will you honor your ancestors and yourself to be the best version of YOURSELF> This all starts with YOU and your willingness! You are not doing me any favors, as this is about YOU, I am your teacher and your guide. YOU are my apprentice. Thank you for being here. Each class starts with a 10/15 minute meditation Abraham Hicks is incorporated into almost ALL the classes You need to be honest with yourself about your willingness to heal yourself first. Reiki is a gift meant for those who are pure of heart and want nothing more than to heal others... At the end of each month, we have special events or people to help you on your journey. I have a 7 person MAX so don't wait! If you would like to speak with my Reiki I graduate from this course (pictured in her zen above), I will provide her information upon request and ANY questions for me, ask away!

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  • 15 Roosevelt Ave, Mystic, CT, USA