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Do you have natural healing abilities? Do strangers tell you their problems, life stories? Do animals and children gravitate towards you and feel safe? Are you an Empath? (sponge for energies good/bad) This may be perfect for someone just like you! Reiki is anything but basic. It literally means, "LIFE FORCE ENERGY." Intense, right? There is SO much to learn and you can't possibly learn EVERYTHING efficiently in one or even two days., which is why I offer my extensive 3 or 5 month course where you learn the basics and THEN some. Reiki was brought to Earth BEFORE Usui learned HOW to use it while on his quest on Mt. Koriyama, Japan. You're journey starts when you say but no hands on unless it's self, especially if you are new to this modality and you have deep layers of healing to process still. That is continuous throughout life as it's part of evolving. This is ALSO a refresher course for those of you who HAVE gone through some Reiki training previously, but want to reignite your KI. I have decided to offer this less extensive course for those of you who are wanting to heal yourselves and others and of course to raise your frequencies and awareness. Some of you may just be called to heal because it's like an incessant pull and you FEEL you need this! Both evenings: $324 Taxes/Fees: $344 (split into two, should you decide) It will include: 15 minute guided meditation and sound healing with Reiki from Yvonne, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Beautiful Leather Journal (gift from your Master Teacher) (Bring your own writing tool please) Healthy food from Karma Kitchen, as they are my people and we will be here for 3 hours each night, so delicious organic food is necessary! Some awesome Traditional Reiki I learning tools: *7 Layers of Subtle Energy *The Human Energy System *The Physical, Mental, and Emotional Bodies *The Functions of the Main Chakras *How to Access the Chakras *The Influences of the Chakras *Introduction to the Hands on Healing OF the Chakras (yeah, I know, it's a lot, hence it's in two evenings) :) *History of Reiki and NO, it did NOT come from Mikao Usui *Initiation Reiki Level I Certificate! yay! *Self healing hand positions and info book IF YOU feel after the second class you are ready to initiated into a Level I Reiki Practitioner, I will happily initiate you. IF you feel you WANT to learn more, as there's WAY more, I promise you, then this is a credit to the 3 month or the 5 month with the extrassss.

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