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Come join us on 6/14 at 6:30 Where? BEAUTIFUL HARKNESS PARK with an OCEAN view for a high vibe Zen evening laying in the grass or mat! It's a SUPER FULL MOON! YASSSSS! Can't flippin' wait! You DON"T want to miss this. Join us at GORGEOUS Harkness Park in Waterford, CT and allow yourself to FEEL the feelz and the FULL MOON energies to help you be a more happy, healthy, centered, grounded, YOU with zen vibe music! I want the whole playlist! What's included: A Special 90 minute New Moon Breathwork Short intro to Breathwork Journaling, Guided SUPER FULL MOON Breathwork Adventure led by Amy! Therapeutic Salty Air WHAT IS BREATHWORK in Amy's words: “Breathwork is like 20 years of therapy in 1 night without saying a word. BREATHWORK is a highly effective and powerful tool for directly accessing the subconscious mind and releasing any stored negative memories, emotions, stagnant energy, and trauma that might be trapped in the body. These energetic blockages hinder our spiritual growth, drain our energy, give us brain fog, and affect our physical and mental well-being, which can eventually evolve from fatigue into dis-ease or illness." Here’s a list of things people have been experiencing in my breathwork sessions: +A massive release of stress +A new sense of clarity and knowing +A feeling of lightness +Awakening to their higher purpose and mission +Ability to Manifest faster and more efficiently +Deep relaxation and inner peace +Ability to actually get a full night's sleep +Overwhelming feelings of joy and bliss +A deeper connection to their higher-self +Profound healing from old wounds, trauma, and grief +The release of old emotions and negative patterns "Trying to explain the feeling you have after a breathwork session is like trying to explain a kaleidoscope to a blind person…virtually impossible! The effects of breathwork are immediate and undeniable! The only true way of knowing the power of breathwork is to come and see for yourself. It cannot be described, only experienced! -Amy Chauvin WHY BREATHWORK Massive Reduction of Stress and Anxiety Feeling of Deep Love for Self and Others Ability to Manifest Faster Release Toxins and Negativity Gain Clarity & Creativity Better Sleep Raise your Frequency Profound Healing from past Trauma or Grief New Insights, Revelations and Epiphanies What to Bring: +A Smile +Yoga Mat (you can purchase one here) +Small Journal & Pen +Water +Small Blanket +Pillow +Eye Mask/Pillow

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