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Iolite Orgonite Throat Chakra Pendant

Iolite Orgonite Throat Chakra Pendant


Iolite is a stone of the muses, activating the visionary, creative side of the mind, and accessing thoughts and ideas beyond the ordinary.


Iolite aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction, allowing for the expression of one’s true self, freed from the expectations of others


It inspires creative self-expression through writing, song, movement and other artistic endeavors.


 Inspires anyone with a chaotic life to start to bring order in small practical ways.



Cleanses negativity in the surroundings while attracting positivity

When infused with crystals, it is a powerful healing tool

Protects against EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies)

Balances the energy field

Purifies the environment 

Promotes good sleep

Encourages relaxation

Relieves Pain

Attracts luck, love, and abundance

Improves spiritual awareness

Helps to improve the quality of life physically, mentally and spiritually 


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