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Divine Love Astrology presents astrology as a language born of the intuitive study of the laws of polarities observed in Nature. It views astrology as a tool to help us understand, reconnect with, and develop our intuition, and is intended to give people the skills that will enable them to attain self-knowledge, take responsibility for themselves, and learn to work in cooperation with the forces of Nature to consciously create their lives.

Divine Love Astrology takes its readers through every aspect of astrology from its history, principles, components, and meanings, to the use of it as a tool to raise awareness and to understand possibilities in cause and effect. Presenting astrology from a spiritual perspective, it shows how the principles demonstrated in the Zodiac, as revealed in Nature, also function in consciousness and indicate how to find balance in oneself and in one's life. The book differs from other astrology texts in that it presents a unique perspective concerning the common practice of using astrology to predict events. The authors put forth that we are 100% responsible for what happens in our lives and show how life delivers us lessons that teach us about beliefs leading to actions leading to consequences.

Divine Love Astrology

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