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Amethyst Dream Acrylic Painting

Amethyst Dream Acrylic Painting


This painting is very special to me. It was a dream a had a couple years ago. I was standing in the middle of the clear ocean and I looked up and there was people walking around like a tourist attraction on a sand bar. ( I decided to leave the people out of it..only me looking at the mountains)  then noticed these HUGE Amethyst mountains above. OMG it was the coolest dream ever! I was in awe. Maybe on another planet these exist. I woke up and wrote down my dream and decided I needed to put my dream on a canvas. So I did! Bob Ross was flowing through me when I used the spatula to paint the mountains. I had never used one before, but decided they looked pretty cool.  


*Acrylic on Canvas

*Made with love

*one of a kind

*40"x30"x1.5 (approx 3.3 ft x 2.5 ft) 

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